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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SealCoat?

It is a general term for a variety of Coal Tar or Asphalt emulsions applied to a relatively sound asphalt surface to prevent damage from ultrviolet rays, moisture and oxidation


Why does Asphalt needs to be SealCoated?

Asphalt pavements are a simple combination of rock, sand and liquid asphalt that binds everything together.  UV radiation breaks down the liquid asphalt and weakens it so that it can no longer hold the rock and sand.  The first and foremost obvious sign of this degradation is the gradual change in the colors of the asphalt from black to brown and to gray.  Also, because the asphalt is oxidizing under the Ultra-violet radiation, it loses its flexibility.  As asphalt loses its flexibility, it becomes brittle and begins to crack and breakdown.


How do I fix cracks?

Crack Sealing is don prior to any SealCoat applications.  If cracks are left unattended, water is able to penetrate to the base causing soaking and swelling of the limestone thus destroying their strength and load bearing capibilities.  Cracks at least 1/4" or wider should be treated with a hot applied crack sealant which remains flexible for a longer period of time.


How often should I have my Asphalt SealCoated?

It is recommended that you apply SealCoat every 3-5 years depending on traffic?


When is the best time of the year to SealCoat?

SealCoating should be done when the outside temperature is 60 degrees or above during the day and no lower than 45 degrees at night.


What makes your Sealer better than others?

Coal Tar Sealant is a thicker and more wear resistant that bonds with the asphalt to protect it.  Asphalt emissions sealer do not last as long as Coal Tar Sealant.  Coal Tar Sealant also resists water, oil, gasoline and other chemicals better.  Our Sealant meets and exceeds the following industry standards:


U.S. Air Force


Federal Government Specifications RD-355E (CSA-FSS)


I want to make sure that the Sealant does not get on my Sidewalk, Paver Stones, Garage Door, Concrete, etc.  How do you prevent this?

All successful projects start with the proper planning and ,of course, we have the same concerns as you.  Every project we take on is completed as if it were our own.  We take our time to make sure the sealant is applied properly and only where is should be.  That is our promise to you.




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